Our Work

1.  Teaching others to make reuse products by running workshops.  

We are teaching people to make their own 12v pv panels from inductrial waste; and even solar hot water out of old radiators for a fraction of the cost of commercial ones!  How about building your own garden shed from waste wood and Tetrapac juice cartons?  Yes it can all be done!    If you would like to attend a workshop look here.    

2.  Trying to establish a local resource centre.

A place where materials and equipment can be stored and projects can be carried out.  It will be the first shop in history where you can actually choose how you want your furniture to be decorated and then pay for decorating it rather than buying the piece itself.  Alternatively you can bring an old piece of machinery or furniture there and use the space and facilities to fix it up.  Restoration, renovation and re-manufacturing.   We are focussed on the community renovation of the old moorlands factory site between Glastonbury and Street.  Red Brick Building.         

3.  Designing and making products and services that turn private or commercial rubbish into a resource. 

We also look for other people who do this to build a network so between us we specialise in every field of Re-design.  We can also take on commissions for larger projects for art installations etc.  Some of these products are art and others also functional.  We just hope that they all change peoples perceptions about the value of "rubbish".  We want people to think twice when they chuck stuff out because, "it's more economic" to do so...  I mean if we can make these things out of "rubbish", imagine the ABUNDANCE!  Then add the possibility of design with a second or third use in mind, - we would NOT have a Resource problem!  Crisp packets could end up as insulation; milk bottles could end up as floating hotels; cd's could end up as lighting To see some other examples of what can be made click here.

4.  Finding places to sell all these creations.

To give a fair share back to the individual artists so that they can spend more time turning rubbish to resources.  One day maybe the TetraShack could travel around and provide a venue for this..? See more here.

Find out more about our active Projects that are hot right now by clicking here.