These Reuse  and Up-cycling Workshops are the main Transition Resource thing right now!  It's all about empowering yourself to make and run your own independent life style.  Learn to live Off Grid, Self Sufficient and Relisliant to change by picking up these future proof skills.  

We will only weather the change when people really begin to take responsibility for their own footprint on this planet.   Then and ONLY then will WE be in charge of our own destiny with a healthy community, planet and economy.

Click on the Image below if you can see your self building one and want to find out more about the Work Shop.  Alternatively there is a drop down menu from the Reuse Workshops Tab above.

All workshops are NOT FOR PROFIT.  Any and All profits will go to Running MORE 1 day Reuse WorkShops at the Catalogue Building at the Red Brick Centre.  So lets make it a Success! 

The following Workshops are also available:  

  • Build a Stirling Engine to Generate Electricity for LED light!  8th February 2014.
  • Build your own Hot Water Solar Panel like the ones used on the Solar Power Shower Tower.
  • Restore or Redesign a piece of old furniture to make it fit into your new place.
  • Fix up that old bicycle you've had in the shed for years.
  • Learn to Build using juice cartons.  Make a TetraShack or similar structure.  
  • Make a Hula Hoop from water pipe.

If you are a Reuse Crafts Person and would like to Run a Workshop then please get in touch: