TetraShack is an on Tatrapak Reuse Scheme for events and community groups.  It will keep growing on the waste is consumes until it will be the worlds largest building made from TetraPak!  The picture below is of the first module.  It will have further modules attached to it to make it grow .  Even the slats of wood used to make the frames are industrial offcuts from a timber yard.

This picture was taken at Glastonbury Festival 2011 where TetraShack had pride of place in the centre of the Green Futures field.  The space was used to exhibit other creative reuse and up-cycling designs. 

The TetraShack is 2.5m cubed.  It can be hired for any exhibit or event or we can teach you to build your own.  My shed roof made from Tetrapacs has lasted seven years and still keeps the rain out (2nd layer applied after 4 years).

TetraShack is an open source idea and by all means try to make one your self.  However if you would like to avoid the pit falls feel free to get in touch to ask some advice...  However, as there is much to learn please don't be surprised if we urge you to come on a course where we can provide tools, teach you and let you try for yourself. We also offer TetraShack to schools and community groups as a project where there are many hands to collect and clean out the used cartons.

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