Turning Rubbish to Resources

About Us

Transition Resource supports Re-Use and Upcycling projects with the intention to turn rubbish to a resource by creating value from it.  

We do this by designing products or services around "stuff" that may otherwise end up in landfill.  The idea is that those products then generate money to support the same creative people making more "good stuff"!

In doing this, we strive to be an educational stepping stone towards helping people realise that "rubbish" is a human creation of the industrial age.  That's why there is no word for rubbish in most ancient tribal languages.  Come on, lets up cycle our society!  There is no need to be a throw away society!  Let's talk about the possibilities of a circular economy.

Our Work:

1.  Teaching others to make reuse products by running workshops.  

We teach people to make their own DIY 12V PV Panels and how they can design a 12V off grid System. The other workshop we are running this year is how to build your own garden shed from waste wood and Tetrapac juice cartons. 

2.  Trying to establish a local resource centre.

A place where materials and equipment can be stored and projects can be carried out.  The first shop in history where you can actually choose how you want your furniture to be decorated or bring an old piece of machinery or furniture there and use the space and facilities to fix it up.  Restoration, renovation and re-manufacturing at the Red Brick Building.       

3.  Designing and making products and services that turn private or commercial rubbish into a resource. 

We look for other people who Re-design.  This enables us to take on commissions for larger projects for art installations etc.  Some of these products are art and others also functional.  

4.  Finding places to sell all these creations.

To give a fair share back to the individual artists so that they can spend more time turning rubbish to resources.  One day maybe the TetraShack could travel around and provide a venue for this. Take a Look. 

Join Us

If you run a resource related UPcycling project and want to make money from it then get in touch.  We can help with access to the Project Studio at the Red Brick Centre and use the website to promote your work.


, Glastonbury | 07782 849052