Which Events do you want to go to with Camplight or the Solar Showers?

Please use the Paypal Button on the right to pay your Returnable Ticket Deposit for the event that you want to volunteer at.

Once you have paid, and received your paypal receipt forward it to kieran@camplight.co.uk with a note telling us which 2018 events you would like to go to.

You can pay by paypal or all major credit and debit cards.  Please pay this within 30 days from the event you want to go to.  We can refund your  transaction free for up to 60 days after you make your payment.  Otherwise the refund will incur a small transaction fee.

Look forward to working with you at some of the best events!

Event Ticket and T Shirt Deposit

£ 110 

Reserve Your Place by Paying the £100 for Event Ticket and £10 for T Shirt. 

This is a RETURNABLE DEPOSIT that will be returned to you after completion of contract.  If you complete the required shifts for your ticket we will return £100 by refunding the paypal transaction.  If you return your T Shirt after the event we will also refund the £10. 


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