Glastonbury artist Sam Binding collects magazines and produces perplexing collage coverings for tables, wardrobes and surfaces.


The realest T Rex in the West country!  But made primarily from Chopped and sprayed Car Tyres.  Chris Pilmore has plenty more creatures made from waste material.  Take a Peek. 

Down at the Eco Cafe in Shapwick you can go and sit on bouncy chairs made from car tyres and eat your breakfast off a tasty lorry tyre!  Made by Kieran van den Bosch.    

Look at these drifters!  Made by Mike from near Wells.  He has a vast selection of these creations.  Now where would these look good in your house?

Got a project but no time? no space??  Not getting started?  WHY??
Maybe what you need is to simply START!  Simply say that in a couple of weeks you ARE going to MAKE that thing happen.  Quickly NOW:  jot down the stepping stones to make it happen.  Jot down the materials needed.  Make that Call, send that email to get those materials on delivery.  NOW all you need is the pressure that means you WILL do it, not just but, but , buts...
Ok, so book the space, pay the money.  NOW here's the crusial pressure:  If you don't want to lose that money then you have NO CHOICE but to go ahead and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Here is a space where you can paint, sew, build, make, model, photograph, meet, talk, present, lecture and or whatever YOU can think of!  
Need tools?  We may be able to help you out there too...  
Book It, Do It.  From ONLY £15/Day or £75/Week!
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